Simplifying Corporate Communications
by Laura Horsford

Did you know recent studies have shown employees spend 22-30% of their time on email? And another up to 20% of their time is eaten up searching for information? With so much of your employee’s time tied up in email, it’s important your corporate communications don’t add to these numbers. 

Here are 4 ways you can simplify your corporate communications:

1. Create Consistency

Identify the most effective 2-3 channels you will use to share information with your employees and stick to them. Email is likely going to be one of these channels so it is important that you clearly define what types of messages warrant an email and what can be shared in other channels. Remember this can vary by audience. For instance, if you have a manufacturing team that doesn’t have access to email, their channels will be different than your corporate employees.  

Empower your managers to be a part of providing consistent communication. Managers have the unique ability to communicate the right messages clearly to the right groups. Your managers working directly with employees daily are one of your most powerful assets in corporate communications. 

2. Set Expectations

After you’ve established how you will communicate with employees, it’s important to share when and how you expect them to engage. Make sure they understand what channels are used and when. Where do they find the most important internal announcements? How often do you expect them to check your intranet? What internal meetings should they participate in?  

3. Establish Your Brand

Employees are your internal customers and brand consistency (centered around your values) leads to increased engagement, a goal for all corporate communications departments. Establish your voice and internal brand look. It’s important to ensure that all communicators within your organization use these guidelines. A clear brand creates confidence in the content being shared and helps employees easily determine what they should pay attention to. 

4. Evaluate and Evolve

As always, measurement is key to success. Get feedback on how things are working. Do your employees feel “in the know” about important corporate news? Is your brand messaging getting through? It is also important to understand what channels employees are using and what they aren’t. And look at the types of content each audience is interacting with on a regular basis. A pulse survey can be a great way to do that – include a short 1-2 question survey on regular communications. Understanding this will help you to evolve what channels you use, drive content creation and better guide managers on how they can support your efforts. 

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