Five Reasons You Need a Communications Partner
by Kelly Voelker

Most communications projects are complex. You want to get it right. After all, your reputation is on the line.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the midst of a major crisis, or just looking to create a solid, consistent comms plan. Here are five reasons you need a communications partner who can help you simplify your efforts and get tangible results.

1. You need a thought partner.

The right comms partner should know what other businesses of varying sizes and industries are doing well, and how to translate that to success for your company’s specific needs. They should constantly be combing for news and trends, having conversations with their network, and understanding the bigger picture to make recommendations on the best ideas, processes and ways of working for your team.

 2. You have a need for speed.

We’d all love to say we plan months in advance for every piece of communication that goes out the door, but let’s be real: there are going to be things that have to go out five minutes ago. A good comms partner understands that dynamic and can jump in to make things happen fast. They will also put processes in place to help make the last-minute pushes more turnkey.

3. You need more than just an extra set of hands.

You have a lot to do. Time and resources are always limited. But you also need people who understand WHY you’re doing what you’re doing and who can get it right quickly. A good partner will become an integrated part of your team – they’ll push to embed themselves into your tools, gain access to decision-makers, and understand your unique ways of working so your comms process feels seamless.

4. You want a fresh perspective.

Sometimes you’re so close to the work, it’s hard to see the forest through the trees. A good comms partner can help you zoom out to that perfect drone shot — at an angle you might not have considered. Outstanding comms teams have a pulse on what’s happening in the world and how that might impact your communications efforts.

5. You want to up-level your comms work.

Over time, communications can get stale. If your company has evolved (and especially if it has evolved quickly) you can’t just keep doing what you’ve always done. Your stakeholders expect polished, targeted communications that speak directly to their needs. High quality, professional communications signal how you’ll approach the relationship you want to build with that audience, help you stand out, and set the tone for future engagement.


At KVA, we focus on delivering these five things daily. We partner closely with marketing and communications departments to become an extension of their team. We also bring decades of communications expertise to HR, legal, talent acquisition and other functions that need communications strategy and execution support. But above all, we work hard to make the process feel simple. Choosing the right communications partner can help you simplify the effort it takes to do comms well.

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